Bluesun Panels

Mono/Poly solar panel power range from 270W to 320W and all goods have CE/TUV/UL Certificates.

Growatt Inverters

Inverters are an integral part of a solar electric system. They convert direct current (DC) generated by the solar panel to grid-compatible alternating current (AC), which can be fed into the public grid. In addition, they store operating data and monitor the grid connection. Bluesun support on grid (Grid tie) Mirco inverter and Off grid solar inverter , Power range from 100W to 1MW.

Combiner Box

Combiner boxes can have advantages in projects of all sizes. In residential applications, combiner boxes can bring a small number of strings to a central location for easy installation, disconnect and maintenance. In commercial applications, differently sized combiner boxes are often used to capture power from unorthodox layouts of varying building types.

Surge Arrestors

A surge arrester is a device to protect electrical equipment from over-voltage transients caused by external (lightning) or internal (switching) events.

PV cable

It is an interconnection cable used in PV power generation. Which connects solar panels and other electrical components of a PVsystem. Solar cables are designed to be UV resistant and weather resistant. They can be used within a large temperature range.